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Suzanne Grayson’s life work has been devoted to beauty and the confidence of women all over the world. Few in the cosmetic industry have her depth of knowledge and experience. As innovator and consultant, her work with Avon, Charles of the Ritz, Chanel, Cover Girl, Estee Lauder, Helena Rubinstein, Jafra, P&G and Revlon has helped propel these brands to become what they are today. At Revlon, in 1962, she invented the first Blush-On – the lifting glow that you might see the likes of in your mirror, today.

Take this opportunity to answer your questions about skincare, and the how and why 7*Days’ Rotation Skin Therapy is truly the future of skincare; tips about how to improve your current routine and anything else that is a puzzlement to you.

Suzanne welcomes your questions. Please submit them below.

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