Are the products safe for my skin?

Yes, all 7 formulas were excellent in the key RIPT (Repeat Insult Patch Test).  It’s the standard (and voluntary) dermatologist-test for irritation safety, with humans to replace the animal testing of the past.

You can stop here as the rest of the “safety” answer may be more than you want to know, but you may be interested in how our ultimate safety decision was made.  Known irritants are usually avoided in formula development, but there are occasions when marketing decisions enter into the picture. The family of retinols are known as both the good guys and the bad guys.  Good, because they do accelerate skin turnover and improve skin appearance.  Bad, because they are considered irritants to many skins – in fact you could say that the way they work is to “irritate” the skin to the point of causing accelerated peeling/exfoliation of its surface.

At the time of the successful RIPT test, retinol was included in the formula.  Thereafter, in our consumer panel use test, one woman (out of 22) dropped out after about 2 weeks because of retinol’s typical redness and scaling.  We decided not to take the risk of consumer unhappiness, especially as our formulas are recommended for twice-a-day use, compared to generally, once-a-day for retinols.  It was completely eliminated as we already had a natural, non-irritating ingredient which was developed to have similar functions and benefits. We simply increased its use in the Continuity Complex™ – and even more so, in the Monday Active-Booster Serum, which is for refining and smoothing skin texture and pores. Further very successful consumer panel tests and the clinical test confirmed that the right decision was made.

What are clinical tests, and are they required?

Our clinical tests were very successful, and performed by a leading clinical dermatologist.  (Please see the “Clinical-Tests” section of this website for the specifics.) Clinicals are not required by law, but marketers with serious concerns for product-safety and performance will authorize them as a matter of course, especially as it is the proof-of-performance basis for claims used in advertising.  (We suggest that you look for the (*) next to strong advertising claims to see if they are supported by Clinical tests.)  And besides, many retailers and TV marketers (QVC/HSN) require them before they will stock the products.  Clinicals are the ultimate tests to determine product performance and acceptability, with both dermatologist technical measurements and by consumers, in use. They are guided by a standard, lengthy protocol, tailored to the specific product, which is pre-approved for use by an Institutional Review Board (IRB), which is “a committee that has been formally designated to approve, monitor, and review biomedical and behavioral research involving humans.”  If the results are good, you have a high comfort level to proceed.

Is it suitable for all skin types and ethnicities?

Yes, and Yes.  Also for your assurance, please note in the first two questions, all the products have been dermatologist-tested and are suitable for sensitive skin.  If your dermatologist has told you that your skin is in the super-sensitive category, try a dab on your upper inner arm to see if there is any redness after about 12 hours.  If the skin looks good, then just apply one day’s product to your face, in the morning only.   If that is fine, you can move to the full week’s program, morning only.  Then continue after one week with the regular, twice-a-day sequence.   But, if at any time, you have problem, please write to me at Suzanne@7daysofwonder.com, or just send it back according to the simple return policy noted on your invoice, along with your full name, address and customer number.  You will receive a full refund.

What about those bad ingredients I’ve been reading about – like parabens and such?

Simple. No parabens, petroleum, phthalates; sodium lauryl or sodium lauryl sulfate; formaldehyde; or acids such as AHA and TCA, nor retinol are included. In addition, there are no added colorants or fragrances which might cause irritation to some skins.

I like gentle, natural products. Is it?

First, you should know that some natural ingredients can be irritating to skin.  Those culprits are generally known to good formulators, who avoid their use.  All ingredients, natural or not, should/must be tested in each specific formula to determine if they are safe to use.  Our primary goal was to provide significant and continuing results, with no sacrifice of safety or efficacy. Turns out that the majority of our ingredients are natural or naturally-derived.  Also, to eliminate other potential sources of irritation, no colorants or fragrances were used.  Please do note that natural ingredients may tend to darken a bit, or intensify their plant aromas over time.  Please be assured that in no way does this alter their efficacy or benefits.  Scent and color appreciation are “purely in the eyes of the beholder.”

What is the texture like?

The light-textured, crystalline-gel emulsion glides on like silk, yet clings like satin.  You’ll see the radiant glow and feel its softness all through the day, and even through makeup.  And, when you rinse your face in the morning, you’ll feel that the actives and silky moisturizers lasted through the night.  Round-the-clock care!

What happens if I use the wrong day? Or, if I like one day more than another?

There are very slight textural differences between the different days of the week, due to the daily change of ingredients.  However they are as close to one another in application, feel, look and skin performance as possible.  So don’t pick and choose among them, or fret if you use the wrong day.  Just use the correct day at your next opportunity to receive the total benefit of all the ingredients, each week.  Very complete directions for use are packaged with the clutch so that you will always have them handy for reference.

Why did you pick 7 days, and 7 products – why not 3 or 4 – so much simpler?

Have to smile at that one.  You asked, so please be patient, the answer is not a quick and easy one.  For years the beauty industry has talked about the 7 signs of aging – although companies do not have them all labeled in the same way.   Some refer to a “symptom” and call it a sign.  That was the reason we embarked upon (1) identifying all of the symptoms of facial skin aging, and then, (2) determining under which major sign they would fit, naturally and logically.

During this analysis process, we learned to distinguish between visible signs and those which are invisible, and actually part of the natural cellular aging process, and their causes.  The net of all this research became the ROTATION SKIN THERAPY™ chart, and the evolving concept of dividing the entire process of product development into a workable 7-day concept.  That created the opportunity to:  (1) select the appropriate, targeted ingredients for each sign and cluster of symptoms, (2) eliminate skin accommodation, (3) have the ability to actually formulate different products with enough high levels of active ingredients for each sign and its symptoms.  The full story is seen throughout this site.  So the long and short of it is we needed 7 formulas to realize the benefits described on the chart.  Ergo, 7*DAYS OF WONDER® is your path to WholeFace Happiness™.  It’s the living demonstration of Aristotle’s axiom, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

When should I expect to see results?

You’ll see and feel a silkier, smoother, more radiant complexion within the first week—maybe just a few days.  As you would expect, the more youthful benefits will take a little longer depending upon your own personal skin need and prior damage—and will be different for every woman.  Reminder.  Please don’t expect overnight miracles.  These are serious products for continuing results. Our goal‒Cumulative-Benefit Skincare™ ‒ your WholeFace Happiness

Why is your product so expensive?

Actually it isn’t, when you consider these compensating facts. (1) It’s a minimum of a 3-month’s supply. (2) There is nothing else to buy. It’s 5 products in one: day and night care, eye creme, serum and neck creme. (3) Since the 7 tubes total 5.25 ounces, it’s about $56 an ounce – far less than the combined total of all the other products you may be using.  (Not to mention the simplicity of life and convenience.) (4) When compared to 51 other products sold in department stores, on price-per-ounce alone, it ranks #24, just about in the middle. And most important of all – value is not a matter of price; it is purely a matter of benefits received.

Sun screen—your product doesn’t have one. Why not?

Tough question, especially as sun screens are appearing in almost everything.  Actually, there are four reasons, any one of which would have influenced us not to incorporate a screen.

First:  Adding an effective sun screen meant we would have to eliminate (or sharply reduce) an active ingredient that contributes to the efficacy of the WholeFace Happiness™ result.

Second:  You simply do not need sun screen chemicals at night.

Third:   To be meaningful, facial sun screens should be at least at the 30 SPF level. They are either chemicals or titanium-based ingredients which tend to dry-up the formula and/or generally create heavier textures than are desired in a facial product.  They also tend to complicate stable formula creation.

Fourth:  There are many, many sun screens available—most reasonably priced—that should be used for protection at the 30-50 SPF level.  And, just to confound the problem, there are regulations coming forth that suggest that sun screens should be reapplied every two hours for maximum effectiveness. (Not a realistic proposition, unless you are in outdoor sun for long periods of time, in the opinion of many.)

May I still use some of my other products?

To insure best results, we urge you not to use any other ‘anti-aging’ products for the first three months, at least. (Of course, use sunscreens. cleansers and exfoliators as you would normally.)  Besides, you’ll want to judge the effectiveness of ROTATION SKIN THERAPY™ without interference from other products. Significantly, dermatologists usually advise against the practice of applying several different products at one time, especially from different companies, citing potential incompatibility between active ingredients, and/or the user’s skin.  Our extensive testing provides confidence in the safety, performance and interaction of all the many active ingredients of our formulas, used alone.

What about Botox® and other dermatologist procedures?

In time, you may find that you will need less of them.  During the first three months, the use of assorted “injected” medications will surely make it more difficult for you to evaluate  7*DAYS OF WONDER® as a stand-alone system. However from a medical point of view, procedures/injections which work under the skin surface should not be a problem.  Important: surface-action procedures, such as lasers, peeling or scraping, etc., are at the discretion of the patient and physician, as with any other skincare program, but best after three months of use.

I have been thinking about trying Retin-A and would like use it with 7 Days Of Wonder. Is that OK, and what’s the best way to start?

If you have never used Retin-A before, this is the method that many dermatologists suggest, for use with any skincare product. The same is true for 7 Days of Wonder.  First, Retin-A should only be used once a day, and at night – as daytime use and the skin’s exposure to sun, is simply a bad idea – even if you use a minimum of 30 SPF. To start, the recommendation for a new user is to let your skin adapt to the Retin-A and avoid irritation.  After cleansing and a gentle pat-dry, for three weeks, just mix a little Retin-A with whichever day of the week is next. Please be mindful of the directions for use and care on the Retin-A package.  After three weeks, you may apply the Retin-A first, wait until it dries, and then apply the appropriate day in your sequence.  If you have already been using Retin-A, with no irritation, you may skip the mixing step, and just apply it as described previously.  Should any irritation occur, eliminate the Retin-A until the skin normalizes, and then re-start with the three-week method.

Give It Time To Work

Dr. T.     “It’s very important that people allow time for the product to work.  While a moisturizer can immediately plump up a few lines, most products take a least six weeks to work and sometimes it can take three months.”

Dr. C.    “Most dermatology products take several weeks or months to demonstrate skin improvement.  Trying different products for only a few days or a couple of weeks doesn’t give the product a chance to work.”

More Is Not Necessarily Better

Dr. T.  “Overuse also extends to the number of products that are used at one time.”

Dr. W.    “Over-treating your skin with multiple products is one of the most common problems, so narrow your collection down to a few select.”

Dr. T.   “Active ingredients can do more harm than good when too much is used. Applying more than directed can cause clogged pores, a blotchy complexion or other unwanted effect.”

Dermatology Association Newsletter.  “Using several different products on your skin, especially anti-aging products, in a few days or weeks, tends to irritate the skin.  When skin becomes irritated, signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots, and blotchiness become more noticeable.”

Look For Real Authority Evidence

Dermatology Association Newsletter.  “Product should contain a proven active ingredient…some evidence of scientific study to prove that they can effectively treat signs of aging.”

Defend Skin Against The Future

GH, Ph.D.  “28 year old with dry skin will have a 52% increase in wrinkles by the time she’s 36.”

Rotation Makes It Work

Dr. A.  “The key point is that you should actually rotate your regimen.  If you’re always using the same product, even if it’s a very effective product like an anti-oxidant, your skin is going to get used to it and you’re not going to get the same results as if you rotated that with another type of skin care product.  So it’s definitely important to rotate the regimen.”

Women Are More Susceptible To Fragrance Than Men In Personal Care Products

Report of Women’s Voice for the Earth…”fragrances in personal care products are causing allergic reactions and sensitivity to US consumers….women are 200-300% more likely to have fragrance allergies than men.”

Note:   No fragrances are added to7*DAYS OF WONDER® ingredients.

The dermatologists’ quotes below are from published information. Only the initial is given, as we didn’t wish to imply their endorsement of 7*DAYS OF WONDER®. Should you wish specific names, just write to Suzanne@7daysofwonder.com.

Can I buy 7*DAYS OF WONDER® in a store?

Sorry, no. Not in the foreseeable future. You may purchase it here, on line, or call 855-FOR-YOUTH (855-367-9688), if you are not sure about something or have any questions

How does this work?

Finally, a fast answer.  Our promise is simple, either 7* DAYS OF WONDER® gives you WholeFace Happiness™ after a reasonable time, as in the 3-month Clinical test, or it doesn’t. The full refund policy couldn’t be easier.  Just clip off the bottom one-half (½) inch of each of the seven tubes, put them all in a regular envelope, enclose your customer number and full name and address and mail to: 7*Days of Wonder 7271 Paramount Boulevard, Pico Rivera, California 90660 (Note: If you wish to return it before three months, we’d like to know why, but we won’t hassle you.  Please, just include your note in the envelope with the tubes.)

If you have additional questions, or would like further discussion of any of those listed above, please write to Suzanne@7daysofwonder.com. Enjoy using 7*Days Of Wonder®