No matter your skin type, or where you are in the cycle of changing skin, your skin needs deep and continuing high levels of cellular hydration – the loss of which is the primary cause of many of the visible signs and symptoms (some starting as early as the 20’s!).

It’s not enough to include high levels of moisturizing and multi-function actives in a formula. The emulsion system must be able to hold them all together, to both prevent moisture loss and act as hydration accelerators into the sub-surface skin tissues. Our innovative crystalline gel-emulsion is the key to both attracting moisture and locking in those magni-action ingredients throughout the day and night. You’ll feel the softness, and see the radiant glow, all through the day, and your smile in the morning. It’s your key to WholeFace Happiness.

  • Easy application

    The light-textured, crystalline-gel emulsion, glides on like silk, yet clings like satin. Blends easily and evenly.

  • Quick and Easy Use

    The lid of the attractive slim clutch folds back neatly to provide a handy easel for quick selection of each day’s formula. It’s perfect for air travel as each tube is just less than one ounce.

  • Amazing staying power

    When you rinse your face in the morning, you’ll feel that the actives and silky moisturizers lasted right through the night. Virtually pillow-proof. Morning and night round-the-clock care.

  • Dermatologist-Tested

    All formulas have been dermatologist-tested and are suitable for sensitive skin. There are no fragrances or colorants to irritate the skin and are not tested on animals. Mostly natural ingredients.

  • The look and feel

    You’ll see the radiant glow, and feel its softness all through the day – even through makeup. And, it stays on fresher and longer than ever before.

Look Younger – Live Younger