The world’s first Rotation Skin Therapy

The unique formula construction for the 7 different daily products allows the rotation of more total active ingredients than are possible in any single product – anywhere in the world. It’s the first-ever ability to target all 27 visible signs and symptoms of changing skin.




Rotation Skin Therapy Is

Anti-Skin Accommodation

With continued use, consumers have experienced the “accommodation” of products over a wide range of categories – from skin cremes, to laxatives, sleeping pills, OTC products, liquor, and antibiotics, to name a few. That is, over time, increasing dosages are required to duplicate the effects of initial usage. The medical term for this is Tachyphylaxis.

The comment often heard is, “It worked nicely when I first started, but now…” Essentially, with ongoing use, the body adjusts by rejecting these “intrusions” with the result that continued use of the same product (ingredients) does not deliver continuing results. Therefore, to provide cumulative benefits, a new delivery method had to be developed.

Daily 2-Part Formula

Delivers Continued Benefits & More Active Ingredients

Over the course of one week, more clinically-tested ingredients and their benefits than are possible in any single product, no matter the brand or price. (See “why” in section #7.) More ingredients = more benefits! Only this unique construction of a 2-part formula provides (1) all benefits each day, (2) rotating ingredients to target specific daily signs. All — to defeat skin — accommodation. Like nothing else in the world.

Rotating Active Ingredients

Helps Defeat Skin Accommodation

Now, with Rotation Skin Therapy™ your skin doesn’t learn to resist the benefits of the clinically-tested ingredients. The beautifying result: Cumulative-Benefit Skincare
It keeps on working!


With the revolutionary rotation therapy,
7*Days Of Wonder® continues to deliver
maximum benefits on a daily basis without
reaching accommodation.

Part 1

Continuity Complex™
All Benefits – Every Day

A complete high-moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging formula.

Part 2

Active-Booster Serum
Rotating Benefits Each Day

Clinically-tested levels of different active ingredients target each day’s specific signs of changing skin.


Look Younger – Live Younger