The Search For The Ideal Product

Back in the mid-2000’s, as both a consumer and a marketer of skincare products, it became clear to me (and every professional in the beauty business), that new products in the anti-aging category were being introduced at a stupefying pace – with more and more claims for rejuvenation, more new ingredients, more scientific stories, more and more dermatologists’ lines, more before and after pictures, more promises of multi-purpose benefits, leading to more confusion and “what will work for me,”  more costly disappointments with results, and on and on. (And we’ve had more and more of the same until just this moment. The product onslaught has been staggering!)   Going back in time, again, products didn’t seem to live up to their promises and expectations of performance. Even worse, the number of products suggested for use became both time and money robbers.  And, it didn’t make much difference if it was a department store brand or drug store brand. After a couple of months, whatever results I had, just tapered off. Nothing really worked for me on a continuing basis, and new signs of changing skin kept popping up.  Why, and what to do???

I started out with a clean slate – but with the proverbial question, “what do women want?” I knew what they wanted from focus groups, coffee conversations, and years of discussions. They simply wanted the “perfect product,” (just like many women seek the “perfect mate”). One that has it all!  Even back then, when you asked women, “what would be the ideal anti-aging product?” – the answer was mostly…..“one product that does it all – I don’t have the time for all that stuff!”

  1. I want something that will really make me look good and feel good about myself,
  2. I need something simple,
  3. I don’t trust myself to select the right products for me,
  4. I’ve been oversold and disappointed many times,
  5. I need real reasons to believe – so I can trust that a product will do the job – and keep doing it.
  6. And I don’t want to break the bank, to get it.

The start of it all.

Truly believing that I would find a way to satisfy consumers with what they want and need, I set about doing just that. My training has always been, dig, dig, dig to define  the problem, and the solution will reveal itself. That’s just what I did. I just kept asking, Why? Why?  Why? (Just like a 6 year old.) Why can’t products work better? Then I thought – better than looking for the latest new ingredient, I should focus on what women see when they look in their mirrors, or will see as time goes on.

First, it was necessary to….

Define the need – what did “look younger” really mean?

Putting it another way, what did “looking older” really mean? Everyone believes that a line or a wrinkle is the first visible sign, that wake-up call that you are getting older. Well, it may be the first sign that you see, but your “cellular” skin starts to “age” in your 20’s! You just can’t see it. (Not to mention your DNA, sun damage, stress, pollutants, etc.) So, it became necessary to determine all the signs of aging  – so that one might find a way to both delay their appearance – and also make the visible ones less apparent. That would be the ideal product. (In military terms, you must know the enemy’s plans to do you harm – in order to defeat them.)

It quickly became evident that the traditional seven signs of aging were a lot more than that – you could actually see that each sign had several related symptoms. After the analysis, the total number of symptoms was a staggering 27!  Therefore, to look younger, it became imperative to deal with all the signs so that the whole face would be able to present a younger, fresher look. Aristotle’s axiom gave me the support that I needed, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Prevent and fight all the signs.

How the ideal product should work:

  • It must work on all seven major visible signs, and their related symptoms.
  • The product has to be anti-skin accommodation, so that benefits will continue to accrue.
  • If a “ritual” is required, it should be simple.
  • Portability would be a plus but not at a sacrifice of efficacy.

The Product evolves

How to do it was not a revelation – nor a “eureka” moment. It was immediately clear that it simply wasn’t possible to effectively treat all the 27 visible symptoms in one product. The amounts of clinically approved actives needed would simply not all fit into one product.  Thus the concept of seven products evolved, with each one devoted to one sign and all of its related symptoms. You would rotate each day, focusing on that one sign and its symptoms each day.

Not good enough, women wanted it all, every day.  And in fact, a certain amount of consistency of use was necessary, but we also had to find a way to defeat skin accommodation. That’s how the two-part formula was born. Part 1- would work on all the signs, for consistency of action, and Part-2 would rotate each day to both overcome the skin’s getting used to the active ingredients (skin accommodation), and to boost the ingredient action every different day for that particular sign. So the Continuity Complex™ – Part 1 and the Active-Booster Serum, Part 2 were born to deliver all the benefits that we now describe as, WholeFace Happiness™

Selecting the best active ingredients for the Continuity Complex™ and the targeted intense action of the Active-Booster Serum, and developing the texture and formula that could make it all a reality, took about 5-6 years – a saga in itself, and much too long for
this space.

Was it all worth it? You all will be the answer to that. I wish you WholeFace Happiness™.

Suzanne Grayson

Look Younger – Live Younger