Who is Suzanne Grayson

The Woman Behind 7*Days of Wonder®

Today, considered an icon in the industry by many, Suzanne’s career can be characterized as a series of events bounded by book-ends.  At one end is the creation and development of an entirely new category of cosmetics—the blusher.  This new product and delivery system, in turn, spawned the development of brush-applied eye shadows and a host of other cosmetics, now the standard of makeup artists and consumers alike.

Now, at the other end, is her entirely new category of skincare, Rotation Skin Therapy, the singular basis for the introduction of 7*Days of Wonder®, the breakthrough clinically-tested, anti-aging skincare promising the highest degree of total benefits, ever.

The story between the book-ends is replete with the achievements of a highly-motivated entrepreneur.  Following a short stint at Revlon she was whisked to California by Max Factor, only to be enticed back to Revlon a year later.  She and her team led all product creation, development and marketing activities for the full gamut of cosmetic and skincare products at Revlon, which helped propel Revlon to become the leading brand of its day.  Several years later, with a growing family, Suzanne opted for a consulting career.

Ultimately her consulting clients, starting with Charles of the Ritz, included Avon, Chanel, Cover Girl, Estee Lauder, Helena Rubinstein, Jafra, P&G and Revlon, and a  host of smaller companies.  Concurrently, during the early consulting years, she founded The Face Factory, a chain of cosmetic stores and leased operations in several major department stores.  Ultimately sold, she then devoted her time to consulting and the advancement of Grayson Associates’ CosmoExpo, the first trade show for the cosmetic industry, and a series of special-topic independent seminars such as anti-aging and fragrances.

Following a move to California, and the sale of CosmoExpo, she supervised the development of The Marketing Journals Publishing Company, producing advanced marketing information directed at practicing marketers as opposed to academics.  These were ultimately sold to a British company following the recreation of the cosmetic industry trade show, HBA Global Expo.

During this entire period she also wrote and published The Grayson Report, a marketing analysis newsletter of current events in the industry—spanning 27 years.  It ultimately transitioned into a regular column in Household & Personal Products Industry magazine (HAPPI), and was expanded to include bi-monthly columns for the pioneering The BrandAudit and The AdAudit.  These two audits make it possible to ascertain, in advance, the probability of success in the marketplace of a new brand and/or print advertising.  Fast and economical, they are widely used by a variety of companies.

7*Days of Wonder® is the first product to introduce her singular concept,  Rotation Skin Therapy.  Its development was prompted by years of frustration in both using and assessing the industry’s anti-aging products which did not significantly deal with the many signs of aging, and/or ceased to “work” after continuous use.  Development of the Rotation Skin Therapy product was started, some years back, after Dr. Albert Kligman* advised, “Yes, that should work.”

This biography was written by Robert Grayson who enjoyed every minute.

*Dr. Albert Kligman, world-acclaimed dermatologist and Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, was the creator of Retinoic Acid, (Retin-A). Among his many other achievements, he conducted the first, ground-breaking studies which revealed sun damage of the skin in the early 1970’s.  Deceased in 2010 at 93.  He was a great human being, who passionately believed that looking good led to a happier day. The concept of WholeFace Happiness is dedicated to his memory.

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